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Chestnut Springs Clubhouse

Clubhouse The clubhouse is available to our residents on a first-come, first-serve basis. A rental fee and a deposit are required.

To Rent the clubhouse, follow these steps:
  1. Select an available time.
    Currently, you will need to call Timmons to determine a free time.
    In the near future, we will have a reservation calendar on the website.

  2. Fill out the rental agreement form and mail or fax to Timmons Prop Mgmt.
    Download the Clubhouse Rental Agreement from from our documents page.
    The address and fax number are on the form.

  3. Make payment arrangements for deposit and rental fee with Timmons.
    The rental fee is $50, and the refundable deposit is $300.
    The rental fee was raised from $30 in Oct. 2007. Parties booked before that are grandfathered in at the old rate.
  4. Obtain key from clubhouse committee chair

  5. Enjoy your party

  6. Clean up and return the key.
    Clean up the clubhouse as specified in the rental agreement form.

  7. Get your deposit back.
    Once the clubhouse is cleaned and the key is returned, the clubhouse manager will verify that the clubhouse is cleaned and in working order. They will then notify Timmons, and your deposit will be refunded. Note: Should the clubhouse require any cleaning, a portion of your deposit will be retained to pay for said cleaing.

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