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Chestnut Springs Fence Specification


Have you ever seen a neighborhood with 10 different types of fences? Most any fence (excluding chain link) will look good in isolation. The problem arises when fences start joining one another.

Question: How do you make a 3 ft picket fence look good when joined to a 6 ft solid/stockade fence?
Answer: You CAN'T!

With this in mind the board has chosen a utilitarian stance on the issue. In an effort to maintain a consistent look for the neighborhood and preserve the value of our homes, the board has decided on a single style of fence that we thought would have the broadest appeal.


Fence Specifications (Main)

See diagram at the bottom of the page.
Material Cedar
Click for larger image.
Style Concave Shadowbox (posts facing inward)
Finish Clear-coat. No stain or paint
Height 6 ft.
Location Backyard only
(decorative top)
Your choice, subject to board approval.
Suggested styles include sperical,
pine-cone shaped, acorn shaped, etc.

Fence Specifications (Details)

Posts 4" x 4"
Post spacing 8 ft. max
Horizontal boards 2" x 4"
Vertical boards 1" x 6"
Vertical board spacing 2" to 4"
Ground clearance 1" to 2"
Concave trough depth 6" to 7"

Permission pending from Hoover Fence Co.

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